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Apokolokyntosis | journal showcase

How many nights did I come to love since then?

Apokolokyntosis - in bello virtus
28 July 1989
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Apocraphex - the livejournal you can't comprehend.

I always said you were hot stuff, Milicevic, guess this just proves it.
From kleemoon's "Getting hot in here"

I feel like I'm reading a very good novel by someone who could be a cross between S.King, R.L. Stevenson and a tiny touch of Goethe.
namida_no_ame's comment about my "Rain on your parade" series.

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30secondstomars believer since long time.
Has been on livejournal for two years more or less and plans to stay for a whole lot more.
Graphic artist, designer, dreamer and freaky icon-maker, also a good fanfiction reader: the thing is, my comments are open to interpretations. "I think me" X)
Works on a Sony VAIO [Called Abraham Savior], plus external HD memory and WACOM bamboo graphic tablet. Loves Paint Shop Pro 9.0 and ARTrage.
Her domain touches almost all the corners of the web: website, fanlistings, livejournal, myspace... the thing is: she doesn't have a f**k to do during her days!
Loves slash, porn but in order to have fun. Amusement is important! Reality is boring, the internet is made to play.
Loyal, dedicate, insomniac, so she can comment at your posts even by night. Late night. Oh, late night brings obsessions....
Her Livejournal counts over 30 layouts and yes, Tomo Milicevic leads the way.

30secondstomars (Tomo Milicevic, Jared Leto, Shannon Leto, Tim Kelleher, Matt Wachter) have been my family and muses since late 2002.
Thanks to the ECHELON I have found a sort of family. Dysfunctional, disturbing, almost oppressing at times but family is family: you are part of it. You make it.
I adore Tomo (orly?) and...his Gibson Les Paul. But me dreams about playing bass.

Other bands: Poets of the Fall, Him, The Rasmus, The Used, MyChemicalRomance, Linkin Park, ANGELS&AIRWAVES, Within Temptation... ABBA.

The great domain:from-yesterday.org
Store: argus_store

Francesca, but call me Frank or Apo. 19, (28th July) Italian (but not proud to be). Short, thin (too damn thin), black hair and green eyes, childish voice so I'm supposed to act as a polite girl.
I study Foreign Languages in Bologna but damn how I regret not to study something more artistic. My life is a continuous regret. Yet, I sometimes find a little time to be happy.
I got friends, I got family...and a dog. Hum, I wanted a cat.
My greatest dream of all times is living abroad. Italy has bothered me way too much. It's so true: you can't choose where to born... but you can change where you live, luckily.
I sometimes have those "Oscar Wilde moments" so I start talking with "thou" and "thee"... don't get scared. It's just me.
This is an evidence that I can't write profiles -__-"

[The Tim to my Jared]
[The Shannon to my Jared]
[The Jared to my Tomo]
[The Shannon to my Tomo]
[The Tim to my Tomo]
[The ECHELON to my 30secondstomars]
[The Raito to my L]

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