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Apokolokyntosis - in bello virtus
30 March 2030 @ 12:30 am

- Friendship and respect
I am a nice person if people are nice to me. I love chatting, making new friends and I usually am kind-hearted. Yet, if you play the little bastard in here, get ready to run. I have a shotgun and a homicide aim.

- Sharing interests
I got plenty of stuff that I like. If you don't know me personally, take a look at my profile page to see what I love and if there's something you like too. Having the same love-list is not important. Yet, if you hate what I like I see no point in such a friendship.

- Feedback and loyality
I'm not asking you to feedback all my entries  or follow my adventures day by day. Just.. say "hi" sometimes XD

If you are an ECHELON (and I don't care from how long or how supportive you are, you just need to believe in 30STM) then you can quietly comment to be added without reading XD
- Graphics!
    .livejournal icons
    .livejournal headers
    .virtual gifts
    .livejournal sets
    .graphics by request.

- Music!
I publish music reviews of the latest albums I listen to and also offer a free download. Hence this might not be the most legal thing ever, friends only can benefit of that.

- Fanfictions!
...and writing experiments. They often include a visual part and a musical addition. All these downloads are friends only.

...which is something that goes only for the élite XD If you worth it, you get it!

You may now comment this entry to get added.

Useful Links in this journal:
- The "99 steps away from falling" UNIVERSAL requests table - for all your requests
- "Sweet Violent Urge - fanfiction archive" - list of all my fanfictions and links to retrieve them
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Apokolokyntosis - in bello virtus
All the listed fanfictions are written by me and the text and anything related to it (such as covers, arts and icons) are under my own copyright. They do not absolutely represent any real situation, and the characters described are not under my property. What is written it's purely fiction. Any complaint about scenes  or situations that might offend you is totally your business. I do write disclaimers.

Sweet Violent Urge - fanfictions listCollapse )
Feedback when reading is highly appreciated! Enjoy your reading.
And I bet you'd love to take a look also at my "99steps away from falling" prompt table...isn't it?
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Apokolokyntosis - in bello virtus
24 March 2009 @ 11:29 pm
From hxcfairy 's journal, one of my comments:
Hello and welcome to a new episode of "Fanbase Geographic". This evening, we will examinate the "Monorail Fan".
The monorail fan is a person that fancies one fanbase...and that fanbase only. He or She might also enjoy other things, but these come second comparing to the major fanbase appreciation. A Monorail Fan is not "stuck" on things, but simply "empathic" with something.
...but Monorail Fans sometimes don't get all da fun in da houz XD


1) Comment this and I will give you 3 people.
2) Post this meme with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of 3 people.
4) Label which you would marry, shag, and throw off a cliff.

hxcfairy gave me... Tomo, Shannon and Jared!

Marry: ...Tomo. OMG NOOOEEEEZ ORLY?? XD Surprise Surprise.
Definitely marry 'cause he's the ultimate talent, plus he's a-dork-able and caring.
Jako mi se svidas, Tomo!

Shag: SH-RAWR! Ah, teh animal... definitely have a go XD
As I was previously tellin' to namida_no_ame , he's 24 hours a day busy:
11 hours he thinks with his belly, 11 hours he thinks with his cock, and the
2 remaining hours, he thinks with his brain and becomes a very deep person.
He's worth a round! XD

Off the Cliff: ....Jared.
'cause baby I adore you, you're talented, good looking, nice, sweet, kind but...
SOON IS DOOM. And... bad things happen to those who show off. Even if you're kidding.
Does anyone want to give this meme a try? XD
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Apokolokyntosis - in bello virtus
23 March 2009 @ 09:43 pm
Today I got a personal message from nicole102008 :
hi, apokolokyntosis. I liked your "Your Turn" fic series very much and i want to translate them into russian and put them into russian slash community. I wanted to ask for your permission.


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Apokolokyntosis - in bello virtus
05 March 2009 @ 07:47 pm
Back on the net, super loaded with a brand new graphic scheme and layout, still looking for participants, friends, creators and more! My argus_store will never stop hunting you down and grow in stuff! XD For all your ECHELONS needings... because if the EMI store FAILS at showing to the world which the true colors of the ECHELON are, I sure don't! *self-esteem*
You can watch, join, post, suggest or comment, every action is warmly welcome!
If you feel like, you can also affiliate with the commmunity OR create some promoting banners and USE them! *waves flag* Let the people know that the crazy/hilarious/artistic stuff is sometimes MORE welcome than that official super-expensive, often-boring merchandise.

....because ECHELON happenZ !
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Apokolokyntosis - in bello virtus
02 March 2009 @ 06:28 pm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTI! Here's a little present for you... sorry for it being just a sketch but I'm hyper-busy with university and books I can't find, but I wanted to make something for you! *hugs* ♥

View bigger HERE @ MyDeviantArt

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Apokolokyntosis - in bello virtus
25 February 2009 @ 12:07 am
We all know that our beloved blacksliver is an artist. A great one, very caring, very dedicate. Her works and drawings are famous all over the fanbase and also 30secondstomars themselves have picked her Christmas Card as favourite of 2008. That's talent.

Almost a year ago, she made some beautiful keychains inspired to those featured in the "The Kill" video (which has also sent to luzestrellera and sigelfire , plus more...).
I always wanted one, but I know I'm a spoiled kid and I can be pretty annoying.. and also know that blacksliver is a very busy artist so I don't want to bother her further.

Since Frank (myself) wants something and cannot get it... Frank makes it! So I went down and dirty and made my own The Kill Keychain!
Obviously mine looks even more crappier than hers 'cause I definitely CANNOT paint and.. well I'm a crappy painter/drawer and all but that's who I am and that's what I get X)

Onto the MAKING OF....!Collapse )

...it took me almost 4 hours to get to this. Mh, it's a beginning. Obviously all credit goes to blacksliver 'cause she's the real artist and made it first. I just tried to make something good out of it on my own! ^___^" ...sorry again!
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Apokolokyntosis - in bello virtus
20 February 2009 @ 07:25 pm
And today after partying alltogether Stefano's birthday at the Chinese restaurant, after some laughter and definitely LOTS of love..and Chinese food, me and Val went walking around with some friends and we talked about Rammstein.
I bet you all know Rammstein (don't? Ask wikipedia!) and the music they play (Tanz Metal iz ♥) but my problem is I don't speak german at all, don't even know how to say hello so I don't understand a whole damn of their lyrics.
Luckily for me, Val knows some german so he's been soooo kind and explained to me the meaning of some songs I like... and mostly the meaning of MANN GEGEN MANN.
I was somehow convinced that it was a "Man against Man" song, but definitely didn't expect how... SLASH IT IS!!

For those who don't know it, here's the song!

(click on preview to download)
And here's the lyrics... *laughs*

Das Schicksal hat mich angelacht
und mir ein Geschenk gemacht
Warf mich auf einen warmen Stern
Der Haut so nah dem Auge fern
Ich nehm mein Schicksal in die Hand
Mein Verlangen ist bemannt

Wo das süße Wasser stirbt
weil es sich im Salz verdirbt
trag ich den kleinen Prinz im Sinn
Ein König ohne Königin
Wenn sich an mir ein Weib verirrt
dann ist die helle Welt verwirrt

Mann gegen Mann
Meine Haut gehört den Herren
Mann gegen Mann
Gleich und Gleich gesellt sich gern
Mann gegen Mann
Ich bin der Diener zweier Herren
Mann gegen Mann
Gleich und Gleich gesellt sich gern

Ich bin die Ecke aller Räume
Ich bin der Schatten aller Bäume
In meiner Kette fehlt kein Glied
wenn die Lust von hinten zieht
Mein Geschlecht schimpft mich Verräter
Ich bin der Alptraum aller Väter

Mann gegen Mann
Meine Haut gehört den Herren
Mann gegen Mann
Gleich und Gleich gesellt sich gern

Mann gegen Mann
Doch friert mein Herz an manchen Tagen
Mann gegen Mann
Kalte Zungen die da schlagen


Mich interessiert kein Gleichgewicht
Mir scheint die Sonne ins Gesicht
Doch friert mein Herz an manchen Tagen
Kalte Zungen die da schlagen

Mann gaygen Mann
Destiny smiled on me
and gave me a present
Threw me on a warm star *
So close to the skin, so far from the eye
I take my destiny in my own hands
My desire is manned

Where the fresh water dies
because it taints itself in salt
I keep the Little Prince in mind
A king without a queen
When a woman is mistaken about me
then the bright world is confused

Man against man
My skin belongs to the gentlemen
Man against man
Birds of a feather flock together

Man against man
I am the servant of two masters
Man against man
Birds of a feather flock together

I am the corner of all rooms
I am the shadow of all trees
No link is missing in my chain **
when lust pulls from behind
My family calls me a traitor ***
I am the nightmare of all fathers

Man against man
My skin belongs to the gentlemen
Man against man
Birds of a feather flock together

Man against man
But my heart freezes on some days
Man against man
Cold tongues that beat there

Gay-ah ****

I'm not interested in balance
The sun shines in my face
But my heart freezes on some days
Cold tongues that beat there

Man gayfor man *****

* "Warm" (warmen)  means the same as the English word "warm", but also is slang for "homosexual".
** "Glied" can mean both "link" (of a chain) and "member" – that is, "penis".
*** "Geschlecht" can mean many things: "sex", "gender", "family", "house", "generation". It can also be short for "Geschlechtsteil" which means "genitals".
**** The screaming "Ah" has been combined with "Schwuler" to make "Schwulah". "Schwuler" should mean "Faggot"
***** "Gegen" and "gay gen" sound the same. The former means "against", the latter "gay for".

...and for those brave enough, watch the video on youtube. ATTENTION! Naked men, sweat, body oil....and stiletto heels.
*satisfied* Thank you Val for this XD I think I'm gonna laugh hard for the rest of my days!
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Apokolokyntosis - in bello virtus
19 February 2009 @ 09:41 pm

(click for bigger HERE @ MyDeviantArt)

...sorry but I just HAD to.
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Apokolokyntosis - in bello virtus
18 February 2009 @ 06:27 pm

Today an amazingly... hm... sweet? Cheering? Caring? thing happened. Since I had no time to eat nor to buy anything to eat during lessons, Val brought me lunch. Without me asking or even talking about it! And he offered it all, a delicious sandwitch with ham and egg (me loves it) and some AMAZINGLY SWEET cookies I ate hiding myself between a girl during Medieval History.

That's what friends are for: they fill up your tummy and warm up your heart.
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